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About Us

Whipped Cream Productions is a voluntary organisation who has created this new web portal that aims to promote films, media and other art by women about women for women. Part of the motivation is to strengthen the public image of who women really are and exibit more evidence of our personal power in society.

We are particularly interested in stories and images of women that defy convention. So, if you have a reinidition of “Snow White and the Seven Dykes” or a “Napoleon was a Woman” Trilogy or the next “Hariette Potter” cartoon or something completely novel and wonderful that is just waiting to be seen, then we are the site for you. Come help us rewrite our history and our future through fiction.

We regularly run competitions to encourage female filmmakers, artists and creators to submit their images, art, short films (if they have already made them) or pick up their camera or mobile/cell phones and make one.

To facilitate the process of making films and meeting new like minded people we have started a meetup/social group where you can partake in fun group projects and create together.

We strive to encourage art and creativity for its own sake rather than promote commercialism, so we value your support in giving back a sense of value to creativity. Thus we ask you Donate to help us keep this endeavour alive and improve our services. Also we ask that you Pay to view the products on this website because you value or like the idea or work for it’s own merit and because your enjoyment is NOT interrupted by advertising!

Please tell your friends and family about us and if you know any fellow like minded film makers do invite them to join us.
Please like us on facebook. We value your support.

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Affiliates / Profit Share

If you have any suitable content (features, short films, graphic art, photographs that youw would like to make available on our site through the profit share scheme, please contact us by using our contact us page above.



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