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We are happy to say we have recently, once again achieved considerable success with our most recent short film, which has screened at a number of festivals and won awards here in the UK and in the US.

It is as a result of this success that we are now embarking on a brand new ambitious web series project like no other -

RISK: The unconventional gripping story of an erotic love triangle between three strong, independent, powerful women, set in London.

This project provides the three main characters the opportunity to play new, unconventional female roles filled with strength, depth of character and charisma rarely seen in other productions.

RISK taps into the sexy, forbidden world of female eroticism, allure, fantasy and suggestion without crossing the line into the crude or overly explicit.

Note: Some partial nudity will be required!

The project is led by a female producer and writer/director and a predominantly female crew. We believe in working closely with our actors to make sure everyone gets the best out of their performances and thus the project collaboration as a whole.

Please be aware that this is an entirely SELF-funded project solely aimed at telling better and more adventurous stories (films) about more courageous, strong female characters with substance.

If this sounds like a project you’d like to be involved in or you believe that it is about time there are more exciting roles for female actors… then please

get in touch >>>>

Production details:

These details have not been finalised yet and could be subject to change.

Audition Dates:

Around 30/10, 31/10, 01/11

Shoot days:

+-10-14 days in total.
Before we get to shooting we require some work with the actors to develop the script with them and
Rehearsal days = +- 5-7 in total with different cast.

Cast Shooting days and Salary estimates:

Maxine = +- 5-8 days
Toni = +-7-12 days
Lizbeth = +-10-14 days
(the principal is a daily rate of £50-£80.)

It is also worth mentioning that only the 3 main cast will receive a flat salary. The rest of the cast and crew will receive expenses only.

Maxine Bennett


Mid 30s – mid 40s.
Feisty, independent, cop with a strong sense of justice.
Strong, athletic.
Confident in herself.
Sexually experienced and confident (predatory)
Knows what she wants and what other people want.

Lizbeth Du Cannon


Mid 30s – mid 40s
Quietly confident attorney
Feminine but with surprising inner strength and competence – she can do any man’s job just as well (if not better) even in her heels.
In love with Toni but attracted to Maxine’s confidence and power.

Toni Mendez


Early 30s – Early 40s
Energetic, naive, Private Investigator
Tomboyish go getter who does not always pause to think too much.
Lizbeth’s protective innocent best friend, and unwittingly in love with her but unable to confront her own feelings.
Envious and in awe of Maxine’s career and her obvious mesmeric hold over Lizbeth.

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