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The good news is the script is coming on nicely due to some really great feedback form a number of you!!! Thank you!… I am hard at work on the next and hopefully final draft of the script…. \o/ …

So we are gearing up to the next step…

The time has come to SELECT and CONFIRM our small elite Production Team who will be on board as we enter the Pre Production stage of RISK… So I need to know for definite who of you are keen (and most importantly able time and effort wise) to commit to this project in the next 2 to 3 months. (I would like us to go into production in early March).

I will not lie… this is an ambitious, though I believe, very worthwhile project so there is A LOT to do and I will depend on my team heavily to help make this project a success. So if you want in… please be prepared for hard work for NO money, SADLY! I know!!!

What IS in it for you?

* Being part of a ground breaking project.
* Gaining (Pre Production) film making experience.
* Gaining (Pre Production) Web Series experience.
* A Web Series credit.
* If we re-edit it into a feature then your credit will be upgraded into a Feature credit.
* Personal promotion on the websites and social media where ever possible.
* Invitation to screenings and events as part of the team.
* A personal challenge (learning new skills) as this is something new for all of us!
* Hopefully A LOT of FUN
* A sense of personal satisfaction at being an integral part of something great that not many people have managed to do or be part of but many dream of.
* My eternal gratitude (for what that is worth
* A RISK T-shirt

Seriously … No pressure! You need to be honest whether you think RISK is something you’d like to be part of… whether it offers individual benefit to you either personally or professionally and thus whether it is really worth your while to commit a substantial amount of your time and energy to it and to the team in the next couple of months… I sincerely hope so!!

So, if you are up for it.. Please let me know via email (apply@risk-series.com) with an indication of your availability, the amount of time you would be able to dedicate and the skills you can bring to this phase of the Project… by the end of the week as we need to start “putting foot”!

NOTE: London residents preferred (or if you are willing and able to easily commute to North London at least once or twice a week for meetings and recces).

I look forward to getting going!!

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