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“First Out – Last Orders” DVD

We are very pleased to announce that the “First Out – Last Orders” DVD is finally available for pre-order.

We do not wish to ditribute this Limited Edition DVD Box for profit as we feel this would be going against the First Out community Co Operative ethos and everything it represented. So, we are asking everyone to please make a donation instead to help us cover our costs, postage and packaging and more importantnly to help support us in making more good quality LGBT themed videos, films, short film and web series.

Eveybody involved in this wonderful “First Out – Last Order”s Project gave their time and expertise free of charge and with a loving heart in order to create something good and worth while for the LGBT community that hopes to capture some of the cherished memories of this loved iconic little place.

So now we ask you to please support us to help make our next film or web series by donating

£10 or more

to our little group in exchange for a copy of this wonderful DVD.

To say thanks:

If you’d like to know more about us, you can read About Us here.

All profit will be directly funnelled back in to funding our next LGBT short, film or web series as we believe that there is a sore need for good, positive, contructive LGBT content out there and such content is mostly very hard to get funded as it does not always have a mass market.

To see which projects we are currently working on click Upcoming Projects or follow the links on the Menu above.

If anyone would like the opportunity to part of our next film project please register on our site and come along to join our friendly meetup group.

If you would really like a copy of the First Out DVD but cannot afford to make a donation at the moment, please contact us.

Thanks again for your much needed support!!

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