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Jack Daniels – Web Series

This is a quirky film noir web series about a young detective who solves crimes and defends those less fortunate and able against the dark forces of the London underground.
We apologise, in order to protect this exciting groundbreaking new idea, we can’t say much more about the project on here! However if you want to find out more, contact us directly or donate and we will keep you updated on the project progress.

Budget required: £25 000.

If you like this idea then please support us to get it made by either donating (average donations range from £20 – £500) or participating and getting involved by joining our meetup group.

What do you get in return?
£20 – A credit on the website
£50 – A credit in the extended DVD material
£100 – Signed DVD copy of the first series
£150 – A year’s subscription to the WCP Film Training package (coming soon)
£200 – Script feedback on one of your script ideas /
£250 – To meet the cast and crew
£500 – A credit on the series
£1000 – A day on set

Want to get involved?
If you have film making experience or skills and or kit and you would like to get involved, please contact us!!

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