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Short Films
New! The Dog Song (Short Film)
New! The Dog Song (Short Film)

The Dog Song (Stop Motion) – Ellie Mumford Awards and Special Commendations Walthamstow International Film Festival (May 2014) Synopsis A musical story about the ups and downs of life as a dog. Director’s Notes In 2012 I made a stop-motion music video for my brother David Mumford (a singer-songwriter) and found that I absolutely loved […]

Saying Sorry @ Club Wotever!! 27 Aug 2013
Saying Sorry @ Club Wotever!! 27 Aug 2013

We are very proud to say that “Saying Sorry” will be Premiering in the UK as part of the Club wotever Film Festival on the 27th August 2013!! All are welcome to come see it there!! See the face book link here: Club Whotever Link

Saying Sorry @ Michfest !! 6 Aug 2013
Saying Sorry @ Michfest !! 6 Aug 2013

We are very proud to say that “Saying Sorry” will be screened at Michigan womyn’s music festival which is starting on the the 6th August 2013!! The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, called “the Original Womyn’s Woodstock” and often referred to as MWMF or Michfest, is an international feminist music festival occurring every August since 1976 […]

“Cat Sitting” enters Pre-Production
"Cat Sitting" enters Pre-Production

Tonight is the kick off of our next exciting short film project called “Cat Sitting”. Synopsis: When a woman’s two exes meet accidently while on cat-sitting duty …. things take an unexpected turn. Want to join us? If you’d like to join our film making team then contact us or alternatively we recommend you join […]

Saying Sorry – Released

Saying Sorry (Short Film) 2012 ** Please scroll down the page to find the embedded password protected screener. ** Festival Screenings: Bluestocking Trailer (Portland Maine) 2013: Logline When your relationship is at stake.. finding the right way to say sorry can be hard. Synopsis After screwing up yet again Jo has to dig deep to […]

New Project: Jack Daniels – Pilot
New Project: Jack Daniels - Pilot

Jack Daniels – Web Series This is a quirky film noir web series about a young detective who solves crimes and defends those less fortunate and able against the dark forces of the London underground. We apologise, in order to protect this exciting groundbreaking new idea, we can’t say much more about the project on […]

Script Call – March 2012
Script Call - March 2012

Hi lovely Script writers, We are currently running a script competition for lesbian short scripts between 5 and 10 minutes long and aimed at a zero budget. CLOSING DATE: 23 March 2012 We are looking for strong, proactive, depictions of women in unconventional roles. The script should ideally have an original, positive (not necessarily happy) […]

Surf Footage (Short Film) 2009
Surf Footage (Short Film) 2009

This is a quirky short film about women’s surfing shot in Devon at Puts in September 2009. Starring C. Bubble in her debut as Feet. [wp_eStore_APR expiry=20 status=unexpired] Thank you for your purchase. Please click on the play icon in the middle of the video and Enjoy! [/wp_eStore_APR] [wp_eStore_APR expiry=20 status=expired] Pay Per View Purchase […]

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