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Saying Sorry (Short Film) 2012

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Festival Screenings:

Bluestocking Trailer (Portland Maine) 2013:


When your relationship is at stake.. finding the right way to say sorry can be hard.


After screwing up yet again Jo has to dig deep to prove the sincerity of her apology to Chloe. Will she find inspiration during their darkest hour?

Director’s Notes

“Saying Sorry” is the first in a series of short films made in conjunction with the women film makers group called Whipped Cream Productions (www.whippedcreamproductions.com) that is currently based in North London. The objective of this group is to develop a supportive community and give women the opportunity to learn, develop skills and explore film making so that we can tell our own stories.

This short script was selected as our first group project because it is a lovely sweet story about sincerity, respect and finding your own way in love. We also had to choose a story that we could make with a zero budget and that could be a manageable a first film endeavour for our group. In 2012 we hope to be able to raise funds and progress into more advanced, more taxing projects, hopefully soaring to feature film status in the not too distant future.

As a first project there were a number of lessons learnt and it proved a very valuable and rewarding experience all round. It was great to work with such enthusiastic and talented people. I look forward to the opportunity to make more little gems like this in the near future.


“Chloe” – Laura Bodell

After graduating from Central School of Speech and Drama she followed her dream of living and working in Russia. Over a period of two years she worked in TV, Film and theatre within Moscow. Laura has now returned to London and looking forward to continuing her career in her home city with Saying Sorry being one of a few projects she has been involved with since her return.

“Jo” – Fleur Poad

Fleur first appeared on stage at the young age of 6 when she played the piano for the annual music school concert and danced for the ballet school performance. From there she continued acting in the “Fiddler on the Roof” at 15. Many musicals and other performances later she took up singing professionally and toured with various musicals, cabarets and her bluegrass band through Germany.

After taking a Shakespeare course at LAMDA she worked with people like Keith Johnstone, Philipe Gaulier and the American Acting Coach Bernard Hiller. She trained in the Meisner technique for two years with Jean Fennel while simultaneously studying a postgraduate diploma at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) from where she graduated in 2010.

She has since then been involved in various short films, a feature to be released in 2012 and numerous theatre productions, the most recent being “YOU ME BUM BUM TRAIN” wherein she worked alongside Jonathan Ross and Andy Nyman. It was described by Stephen Fry as “the best theatrical experience of my life”.

She also works as a voice over artist and drama teacher.

Project Crew

Producer, Writer, Director, DoP, Editor – Wollie Boehm

Wollie started her career with an English degree, and soon found herself in the technology worlds of business, IT, Telecoms, New Media and 3D Virtual World R&D which inspired her to do a post graduate in AI. In her spare time she is a successful Writer, Director, Producer and Film maker with a growing portfolio of award winning short and feature scripts and films: “Fruit Wars” (Short) 2009, “Surf Footage” (Short) 2009. “The Red Rose” (Short) 2010, “Endless Road – The Panics” (Music Video) 2011, “Route 66 – UK” (Music Video) 2011, “Caught in Amber” (Short) 2011, “Repaid In Full” (Short) 2012, “First Out’s Last Orders” (Doc) 2012, “Saying Sorry” (Short) 2013, “He Loves Me” (Short) 2014 and “Cat Sitting” (Short) 2014.

Wollie has a number of exciting projects currently in various stages of development including “Jack” a film noir web series, “Simulation” a low budget sci-fi, “Alice” a romantic comedy set in South Africa and “High Rack”, a feature animation about a fox and a chicken that fall in love. The latter she also recently published as a novel and ebook. She is a keen photographer, amateur animator and computer graphics hobbyist and in her spare time Wollie is working on completing her first detective crime thriller novel, “Agents & Assassins”, while collaborating with fellow film makers on their projects as Writer, Director and Cinematographer.

Original Story, 1st AD – Helen Ibach

Helen’s passion for film started early in her life after receiving her first camera at the age of eight. After studying photography and enjoying the magic of story-telling through her writing, she became interested in merging her interests and her love for film was born. She recently discovered the art of film making and is now fulfilling her ambition with like minded women at Whipped Cream Productions where she is enthusiastically gaining both skills and experience.

2nd Camera, Sound – Erin McMullan

Erin studied film and television production in her native New Zealand. Her qualification requirements whilst studying in Wellington included valuable experience working on television sets. She competed in a number of “48 hours” competitions where her strong camera skills and ability to excel under extreme pressure ensured that she was an invaluable part of her team. Since moving to London Erin has continued to contribute to film making projects and by bringing her international experience and relaxed attitude to the crew looks set to make her mark on short films.

Production Design, Location Manager, Catering – Jude Dempsey

Special Thanks to

>> Moira & Vincent Murphy – for the use of their house as a location and for excellent Rain making.

>> Angela @ Elisana Florest, Turnpike Parade – for the rehearsal flowers.

>> The Toll Gate Pub, Haringey – for the kind provisioning of a quiet corner in which to do our auditions.

>> Mobi (mobigratis.com) – for the music “18″.

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