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The Dog Song (Stop Motion) – Ellie Mumford

Awards and Special Commendations

    Walthamstow International Film Festival (May 2014)


A musical story about the ups and downs of life as a dog.

Director’s Notes

In 2012 I made a stop-motion music video for my brother David Mumford (a singer-songwriter) and found that I absolutely loved the whole process. It allowed me to combine my love of arts and crafts with my passion for filmmaking and since then I have spent much of my free time learning as much as I can about stop-motion techniques and developing my skills.

The Dog Song is my second film and was inspired partly by a song my brother wrote as a teenager, and partly by the antics of my dog Mackie! I wanted to make a film about the (often confusing!) relationship between a human and a dog from a canine perspective and it just so happened that my brother’s song fitted with this very nicely!

The film was created entirely in my bedroom with a budget of £200 for materials and took eight months to complete. I did the majority of the work myself (making sets, props and puppets, filming and editing) with the exception of some set-painting assistance from my flatmates!

Producer, Writer, Director, Animator – Ellie Mumford

Ellie was born and raised in the UK and has a degree in Slavonic and East European Studies from the University of Glasgow.  After finishing her studies she spent several months working as a production assistant for a German television company before returning to the UK, where she became involved with women’s film production company Whipped Cream Productions.  As a member of the WCP team Ellie has been involved in a number of creative projects, including the creation of a series of computer-animated filmmaking tutorials and a number of short films.

In addition to her work with WCP, Ellie has worked on several solo projects including a stop-motion animation music video which was completed in 2012. The Dog Song is Ellie’s second animated short.


“The Arches Kitchen” (Promotional Film), 2009 – Director

“Nobody” (Music Video), 2012 – Director

“Cat Sitting” (Short), 2014 – Sound and Production Assistant

“The Dog Song” (Short), 2014 – Director

Original Music by – David Mumford

David released his debut album, ‘Bonfire Music’ in April 2013. The culmination of ten years of songwriting, combining influences from the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, the album weaves together nursery rhymes with old blues fables, songs of fear with those of hope. In the past year alone, David has supported Joan Armatrading, The Charlatans and The Dylan Project, and has played live on BBC Radio Kent and BBC Introducing.

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